Hi there, welcome to Ming's board!


My name is Xiaoming Cai, a typical Chinese name =).

For 25 years since I was born, I have stepped into many different areas from my studies. I am interested in electronics, photography, movie editing, computers, programming, web technologies and also sports. Recently I am studying at IT-University of Götebory, majored in Software Engineering & Management.

This site is aimming to let people know more about me and you are very welcome to contact me and discuss with me about anything that we both are interested in.

  • IT University of Göteborg, majored in Software Engineering and Management.
  • Umeĺ University, finished the course "Dynamic Web Design".
  • Folkuniversitetet of Göteborg, English program.
  • Shanghai University of Science and Technology, majored in Material Casting and Controlling.